Access types to the project

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In the salon Staff do different work. You can set up an access level for every Staff. In this article we talk about Access Types.

Guest - access to view time-table and schedule of all Staff. This access type may be used for public computer/tablet with which clients can see Staff schedule. 

Staff (view only) - access to viewing time-table and schedule. Staff receive notifications about new/rescheduled/canceled appointments. Staff has no access to the client's phone number (number is hidden in Appointment).

Staff (edit right) - access to viewing time-table and schedule and edit, cancel and make new appointments. Staff has access to the client base. 

Administrator (limited access) - full access rights to a project except for the option to add or delete a "Creator" access, and unload clients' base. Also, Staff has no rights to Modules "Finance", "Analytic", "Purchase" and all, that related with "Salary".

Administrator - full access rights except for the option to add or delete a "Creator" access and unload clients' base.

Creator - full access rights to the project include option to delete Project.

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