How to set up an access to the project.

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In order that your staff members can see and manage their appointments, our service has an option to set up access to the project


Select Settings > Project Access and click "Add access".  Enter the staff's phone number and select the User group. (for example, Staff (edit right)).


Android Mobile App DIKIDI Business:

From the left-hand Navigation Menu, select "Project Access". Click "+", enter staff's phone number and select User group. (for example, Employee (with editing rights)).



iOS Mobile App DIKIDI Business:

Select More - Project Access, click "+" and enter staff's phone number and select User group. (for example, Administator).


Staff should download mobile app DIKIDI Business and sign in with their phone number, which was entered in Project access. If confirmation code was not received, probably this number was registered in our system. In that case click "Forgot your password" and receive a new password. 

Important Information! We do not recommend giving a staff your account login details (login, password). In the case when a mistake occurs, you will not be able to determine who made this mistake. Also, your ex-staff may use your account and, for example delete new appointments. We strongly recommend creating a separate account for each staff member. If you lay off staff members you should also delete their access to the project.

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