Bonuses - effective motivator for clients to make new appointments in your salon

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Function "Bonuses" is a great tool to attract and hold clients. Gratitude in the form of points motivates clients to come back again and receive a discount.

Not only can it motivate clients, but have much positive effects for business:

  • clients come back again often, because with bonus points next service will be cheaper;
  • to receive more points, clients spend more money. That is positive for sales and it increases profit;
  • In addition, bonus program helps not only can it hold client and increase the number of visits but increase the average purchase - more information here
  • If the bonus program has transparent conditions clients will trust you more. (The conditions of the program should be simple and clear for clients. System of bonus payroll should be easy to understand.) 

Payroll of bonuses is automatic when you create the sale and make payment in the Time-table section. 

Bonus points are awarded to all who execute conditions of the bonus program. Point balance can see in Client's profile > Statistics.

In addition, you can to payroll and debit bonus points manually in web-version in section Clients > Bonus Program > Bonus operations.

You can create several bonus programs which will act simultaneous. For example, Bonus Program "Black Friday". If you have a few active bonus programs and client execute conditions of both programs, clients will receive points on a higher percentage of cashback.

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