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One of the most frequent problems of a services business is non-attendance. Customers forget their appointments and the business suffers losses.

are the solution to this problem. But how do you know that a reminder has come and a customer has confirmed that he will come?

The DIKIDI service has a function to request confirmation from a customer about his visit along with a reminder. 

In the web version:

You can create a reminder with a visit confirmation request directly through an appointment form. To do this, in the customer appointment form, set up a visit reminder at the time you need and check the box "With confirmation".

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Now, along with the reminder, a customer will receive a link to confirm his visit.

When the customer confirms the visit, the appointment's status will change to "Confirmed visit".

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A confirmation will be sent if an appointment does not have the "Confirmed visit" status. This will prevent a customer from unnecessary confirmation requests.

For the confirmation request to be generated with a reminder for all appointments, go to the "Settings" - "Notifications" - "Types of notifications" section and check the box "Send a visit confirmation request along with a reminder".

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After setting, a visit confirmation request will be automatically configured in new appointments.

In the
DIKIDI Business mobile version:

Click the "Appointments" tab and edit any customer appointment you already created. Go to the "Reminder" section and move the switcher "Submit a confirmation request" to the "on" position.

Image 5735

To configure the sending of confirmation requests for all appointments, go to the "More" tab in the "Notifications" section.

Next, select "Types of notifications" and "Visit reminder".

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Select the desired group to set up (Online Booking or Regular Booking) and then turn the "Submit a confirmation request" switcher on.

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