Hot Season: Examples of Summer Mass Messaging to Clients

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Summer is a time of high demand ☀️

Warm up your clients' interest in your services by sending mass messages in DIKIDI 🔥

How Do I Create Mass Messaging?

Go to Control - Mass messaging (app) or Customers - Mass messaging (web version) and click "Create mass message".

Determine the purpose of messaging and select the appropriate settings:

Example 1. Bring back the customers who visited you once, but disappeared

Select the "Number of visits" filter and set the range of values to 1-1.

Add a text. You can mention the services that are popular in the summer:

Discount for you! 🌟 10% cashback when booking a pedicure before June, 20 💅💅 Hurry up to book online: [link]

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Example 2. Increase the number of appointments for a specific service

You can do it among more loyal customers, for example. They're pleased with your service and would try something else if they get an attractive offer.

Select the filter "Average receipt more than" and enter the amount, for example, 70$

WE ARE GIVING A 15% DISCOUNT on full body sugaring 🔥 Only until July 31. Spend your vacation with perfect skin ☀️🌴 Book online [link]

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Example 3. Maintain the loyalty of regular customers

Let's say you want to thank your loyal customers choosing your service and build their loyalty.

Let's add a number from 7 visits and a text:

Your next visit is our compliment! 💖 An easy hairstyle is FREE when booking online a makeup until June, 30  😍 Choose a convenient time: [link]

Also, if you sort your customers into groups, you can choose the ones matching a specified messaging.

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To Launch the Mass Messaging:

📌 enable the channel "WhatsApp - messaging and notifications"

customers will receive a message on WhatsApp

📌 and/or use the DIKIDI Online channel (free of charge)

customers will receive a push notification

Before sending, we also advise you to read the instructions:

❗️ Instructions: How to set up mass messaging

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