Birthday bonuses

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What a pleasure to receive gifts! It's even better to give them. With DIKIDI it's also easy.

In the Bonus program option, there is a setting for accruing a certain number of bonuses to a customer on his birthday.

The setting allows you to set the number of bonuses to gift, when to accrue bonuses, payment limit and bonuses expiration period.

You can set up the accrual of birthday bonuses:

web version: in the Customers  Bonus program section

mobile app: go to More – Bonus program

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The system itself will accrue bonuses to customers for their birthday which indicated in a customer card. In this case, PUSH-notification will be sent to customers via DIKIDI Online, or/and your branded mobile app (if available).


To use this feature, enable the Bonuses module separately or connect the Standard or Full plan. 

How to choose a plan


Bonuses can also be awarded for customer visits. Learn more


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