Birthday bonuses

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How nice it is to receive gifts! It's even more pleasant to give them. With DIKIDI it is also simple.

In the Bonus Program of the DIKIDI Business service you can set up receive a certain number of Birthday bonuses.

The setup allows you to set the Number of bonuses for a gift, when to charge bonuses, the payment limit and the bonuses duration.

You can set up Birthday Bonuses in the Bonus Program section.

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The system itself will accrue a bonus to the client for the birthday which indicated in the client's card. In this case, PUSH-notification will be sent to the client to the DIKIDI Online, and in your Branded mobile application (if available).


To use this feature, you must connect the module Bonuses or the Standard or Full plans. How to choose a plan?


You can also accrue bonuses for payments by the client for visits. More.



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