How to start accounting for Products?

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Almost no service is provided without the use of consumables. And also, often the client purchases after the procedure care products, which also need to be taken into account.

Keeping records of goods is one of the most important economic components of all internal processes. And it is certainly convenient to take into account the consumption of materials immediately after the service provided, so as not to miss anything. To do this, the system has the Products functionality, which fixes all movements and remnants of goods intended for sale from the showcase, as well as for the provision of services.

1. To start working with the goods, accounting for them in the warehouse, you must first add their names. You need to do this in the Products section - Products list by clicking the Add Product button.

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When adding a product, you should consider the main thing - its purpose. Goals can be 2:

  • For the sale of goods at retail (for example, at the reception)
  • Write-off as material for the provision of the service.

Further work with the product depends on the correct choice of the product's purpose.

Let's analyze both options:

A.) The product is used for direct sale. Everything is simple here. Specify the Name, Article (if any), Category (you need to create it first), and check the box "Selling" goal. Next, select the unit of measurement and the price to sell.

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B.) The product is used as a material in the provision of the service.

In this case, the product is not used for direct sale, and the goal should be selected Expense. For this purpose, you must additionally specify the unit of measurement for storage in the warehouse and in which units the write-off will be made. For example: Hair dye is stored in a warehouse in tubes, that is, in pieces. A is debited when providing the service in grams. In this case, it is important to specify the correspondence of the units of measurement. For example, in 1 tube of 60 grams of paint. So, we specify it in the product card when creating it.

The cost is based on your work structure. If the master receives a salary minus the material at cost, then here we indicate the purchase price. If the material is deducted based on the mark-up, you specify the value with the mark-up here.

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Product categories creating very simply! it is enough to specify the Name so that you can easily navigate through the product list and the level of the category hierarchy.

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In the end, you create a list of products with the goals you have defined and in the desired units of measurement.

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