Entering opening balances of goods and materials

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Entering the opening balances is intended for the initial entry of existing goods and materials into the system. You can do this in the Products - Flow of Goods section. Here you can create and control all operations with goods: opening balances, supply, write-off, sale, moving, inventory.


To create an opening balances entry operation, click the Add button and select Opening Balances.

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When creating an Opening Balances operation, first check the date of the operation. By default, the current date is set. Further operations with goods on a date earlier than the date of making the opening balances are NOT POSSIBLE.

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The second step is to select the warehouse where the initial balances are deposited. You can add warehouses in the Products-Warehouse section.

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Next, we begin to compile a list of products for the operation of making the opening balance. You can enter them manually or add them in a list. After selecting a product, you will notice that some of the products have 2 parameters in the unit of measurement column at once. This means that the product is used as a material in the provision of services. Select the unit of measurement in which it will be more convenient for you to enter data about the product. For example, you have 5 tubes of dye, and one of them is not whole. In this case, it will be more convenient to enter this product in the units of measurement of the expense.

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Specify the cost and quantity of products according to their current availability in your company and save the changes.

As a result, you will see the operations of making the opening balance for each of the products.

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