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It is necessary to conduct inventory regularly 1-2 times a month, as well as periodically arrange an unscheduled audit. Without technical tools, this activity always causes a lot of problems for managers.


You can easily make an inventory on the website in the Products section-Flow of goods-Add-Inventory

The "Products" functionality will help to automate this process, reflecting in the numbers for which items there is a shortage:

Image 3153

A report on the flow of goods will help you track the entire path of this product/material for the selected period and find a possible reason for the shortage. 

Image 3154


Thus, if the inventory is carried out in time, you can quickly make decisions on its results:

1. If overspending of materials is detected, additionally inform employees about the maximum permissible amount of them when performing services.

2. When identifying a shortage of piece goods, find the cause and eliminate it. If the error could not be detected, then apply penalties to employees for the loss.

3. When identifying excess materials, also carefully look at the operations with them, if there is no error, then thank the employees for their economical spending, it is possible to charge a bonus.


You can connect the "Products" module, as well as other accounting functions on the website in the Tariff Plan section. 


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