Service Secrets: How to Earn More Tips

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Lately, visitors are increasingly leaving tips not only for waiters but also for service professionals.
Tips are an excellent indicator that the client is satisfied with the service.

Today, most clients prefer cashless payments, and they can easily leave online tips with the help of DIKIDI.

How to earn more tips?

1. Maintain high speed and quality of service

2. Exceed customer expectations

Adopt an individual approach to service. For example, provide practical recommendations to a client on how to maintain the results of a procedure longer, or offer a selection of trendy nail polish colors with photos.

3. Give gifts

Offer a client an additional service, such as a head massage during hair washing, or miniatures of skincare products (cuticle oil, mask samples, etc.).

4. Add some entertainment

Give a client the opportunity to choose an interesting movie to watch, give fortune cookies, place a selfie mirror in the waiting area, etc.

5. Send a review request after a visit

To be unobtrusive, enable the request for review and tips in DIKIDI in the "Notifications" section.

After an appointment, a client will receive a message with a link where they can add a review and leave a tip.

How to Set Up the Review Request Notification

6. Simplify the tipping process

The easier it is to leave tips, the more tips you'll receive. Enable cashless tips and place a QR code for clients at the specialst's workplace or at the reception.

DIKIDI will create a QR code for your profile and a print card in multiple formats.

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To set up payments, simply go to the "Control" - "Tips" section ("Clients" - "Tips" in the web version). 

7. Evaluate tip statistics

View tip statistics in DIKIDI and study employee experiences. Based on this, you can develop steps to improve service quality and, consequently, increase tip volume.

The Tip feature is available without subscribing to plans and is also easy to understand and useful for work.

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