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An invitation for a return visit is an automated message sent to customers in the DIKIDI Online app, your branded mobile app, or via external sending channels such as WhatsApp with a reminder that a procedure needs to be repeated.

Example. A customer came to you for the service "Manicure with gel polish". The frequency of such a manicure is about 3-4 weeks. So that the customer does not forget to sign up again, the system will send him an invitation to this service according to its frequency. For example, after 3 weeks (you set this period yourself).

Interesting! The system takes into account the availability of a repeat appointment for this service and will not invite a customer if he has already booked a future visit.

If the client during the visit had several services with different frequencies, then the invitation will come only for the service with a lower frequency. Therefore, the system tries to attract customers to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Setting up an invitation for a return visit

You can turn on the return visit invitation in the DIKIDI Business web version in the "Settings" - "Notifications" - "Types of notifications" section.

When you turn on the corresponding toggle switch, settings will open. Basically, They are configured for all services with 1 month periodicity. Also, sending notifications according to your time zone is taken into account, and sending to customers from the black list is disabled.

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Detailed settings 

You can specify different periodicities for sending notifications by clicking the button "Detailed settings". In the window that opens, click on the line - "default" to specify the periodicity for each service individually.


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Set up a notification template 

Please note that you can change the message template for this notification.

Edit the Template to set your invitation text
. Use variables provided in the template settings to substitute a service name, a link to your company, etc.

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Sending methods

An invitation for a return visit is sent to:

1. Chat to customers who use the DIKIDI Online app - FREE.

2. If you have a branded mobile app, the invitation will come there too. The chat message is accompanied by a PUSH notification that will not leave the invitation unnoticed.

3. By SMS, if you have a gateway connected or via WhatsApp/Telegram if it's connected to your project.

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