How to increase Retention

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Retention of clients.

Everything we do for our clients, we do so that they are satisfied and come back to us again.


Loyalty of regular customers is not only a stable income, but also a reduction in advertising costs with help of «word of mouth».


What important to do, to increase retention of clients? 


1. It is important to focus on the moment of the FIRST visit. If the client liked everything - great! But don't let him go on a free voyage. While he is paying, invite him to make new appointment. Maybe with an attractive offer like a bonus or discount.


The bonus "cashback" works well for retention - the amount that is accrued to the client for the next visit and burns out for a certain time. It is optimal "lifetime" of bonuses no more than 1 - 2 months.




2. The client will be honored with your care and attention if you contact him the next day and wonder if he is all right after the visit if everything is liked and if there are no side effects. The client will be fascinated if you give additional advice on the necessary care after the provided service and make it clear that you are always in touch if something goes wrong


By the way, if you didn't make a new appointment right after the service, such a call is another chance to offer a new visit. Here, standard variants which you can use during the dialogue:

  • It is better to make an appointment for this specialist in advance, because there may simply be no free time.


  • Since you have bonuses which burns down in a week so as not to forget - we offer make an appointment in advance to spend this bonus.

3. If you do not have the opportunity to quickly contact each client after his visit, set up a feedback SMS request, which will be sent to the client's phone in a TIMELY manner and will allow you to receive feedback. A positive review will work "at a distance" and will be able to attract new customers. And negative feedback will give you a chance to work on mistakes and return a dissatisfied client.

More information about feedback SMS request


4. If the client visited you regular, but for some reason has not visited you for more than 3-6 months, we offer to such customers special deals, bonuses, open days. Especially if the customer is loyal and has visited you more than once.

You can call and, having offered something, just communicate with the client, carefully find out the reason for such a long absence. It happens that the true cause is absolutely unpredictable, for example, non-tactical behavior or even rudeness of the staff, which you did not even suspect. All these moments can be worked out and returned to the client.


In DIKIDI you can create mass dispatch for necessary group of clients. In SMS you can write any offer:


  • Invitation to try NEW SERVICES
  • Accrual of bonuses in honor of the upcoming holiday
  • Special offer or personal bonus for loyalty to the company.


Many companies do not make dispatches and do not call their clients, because they are afraid to make their service too annoying. While leading companies keep their finger on the pulse and regularly remind customers about themselves.

It's all about the presentation! Your task is to guess the client's wishes and please him. And do not be afraid to initiate contact.

If client not interested in your offer - he will ignore it. Less percent will give you negative feedback, more through personal reasons, which don't depend to you. Most percent of your loyal clients will give you positive reaction and make new appointment. 


Let's go to practice:


How to work with retention rate in DIKIDI




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