How to Maximize the DIKIDI Opportunities?

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When it comes to growing a business and increasing its efficiency, every tool plays an important role ⚒️

Using a VIP plan of DIKIDI, you get advanced functionality for managing your business, which will help you to optimize your work and achieve better results.

What opportunities & benefits do you get with the VIP plan?

Getting Quick Personalized Help

With a help of a personal manager: operational support and personal assistance of your work in DIKIDI by phone or e-mail

Having Unique Privileges When Using DIKIDI

📌 VIP status in the DIKIDI Online catalog:

a bright VIP mark in the DIKIDI Online catalog, which will profitably distinguish you from the competitors

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📌 Exclusive 50% discount:

— on developing an app for your business

– on training and setting up DIKIDI ("Quick Start" service)

– on events organized by DIKIDI, including DIKIDI EVENT

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📌 Increased limit:

Increased limit on posting photos, products, and services

Maintain Customers' Loyalty & Increase Retention

Loyalty programs and bonuses: adjustable cashback, birthday bonuses, and other programs according to the selected settings

Gift Cards: Create and Sell Electronic Gift Cards with Your Design

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✅ and also:

– send reminders to your customers (using the Manual Sending Channel)

– analyze sales and keep track of goods

– automate financial management and payroll

Thus, the VIP plan of DIKIDI is an indispensable assistant for achieving maximum efficiency at work. Use all its advantages and try the exciting features today.

To activate a VIP plan, go to 👉"Plans".

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