Promote Your Brand and Earn More with Your Own App

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According to research by the Business of Apps platform, 70% of consumers use mobile apps to book services 😮

It's fast and convenient for customers, and it's easier for companies to build long-term relationships with their audience 🙌

DIKIDI offers to develop a custom-branded app for your business for iOS & Android 📱

The main advantages of a branded app

Convenient for customers:

Personal Account

    Customers can easily view their visit history, bonus and account balance, quickly reschedule or cancel a booking, and ask questions via chat

    Reminders & Notifications

      Customers will receive phone notifications about creating, rescheduling, and cancelling an appointment, request for a review, reminders about an appointment and invitations for follow-up visits

      Online Booking

        With the branded app, booking is available online 24/7. Customers can see all available times and immediately choose a specialist simply and quickly, without stress or calls

        Beneficial for business:

        🎯 Customer Retention and Return Rate Increase

          The app makes it easy to implement loyalty programs: bonuses and discounts encourage customers to book again

          Additionally, various visit notifications via the branded app are sent to customers for free

          🎯Service Promotion

            A branded app is an excellent tool for promoting your services. With mass messaging, you can instantly inform customers about special offers, discounts, or new services. Also, you can launch promotions for free

            🎯 Increase the competitiveness

              Your app takes a permanent place on the client's main screen, meaning the client interacts with your brand daily. This helps build a strong emotional connection between the business and the client

              Customers see that your company is modern, advanced, and trustworthy 😌

              Thus, in a highly competitive service market, having your own app becomes your advantage.

              🔥 DIKIDI provides an excellent opportunity:
              Our specialists will develop an app for your business quickly and at a reasonable price!

              The app will be designed in the style of your brand.

              To buy, go to Plans - Personal Application Development, click "Purchase".

              When you enable the VIP plan, you get a 50% DISCOUNT on app development 😉

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